MULTIPLUS’s Privacy Policy was created to show the company’s commitment to safety and privacy of the information collected from users through interactive services available herein. Investors and analysts can learn about the services provided by the company, read reports, get information and updates without supplying personal information. In case any information is provided, this policy seeks to clarify how these data are collected and treated individually. It is recommendable to regularly check this policy, which is subject to alteration without previous warning.

1. Any information users make available will be collected and saved according to strict standards of security and confidentiality.

2. Personal information supplied by users are collected using ethical and legal means, and may have one or more purposes, of which users will be informed.

3. Users will be informed about what information will be collected before collection is done, and it is the user responsibility the choice of providing or not the information. Users will also be informed of the consequences of their decision.

4. Except in case of legal or juridical determination, users’ information will never be transferred to third parties or used to purposes different from those to which it was collected.

5. Access to collected information is restricted to employees authorized for the appropriate use of this information. Employees that use this information improperly, against this Private Policy, will be subject to penalties of MULTIPLUS’s disciplinary process.

6. The information provided through this website will be kept intact.

7. This website contains links or frames of other sites, which may or may not be MULTIPLUS’s partners. These links and frames are available solely to provide yet another benefit to users. It is noteworthy that the inclusion of such links and frames does not mean that MULTIPLUS has knowledge, agreement, or is responsible for them or their content. Therefore, MULTIPLUS shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the use of such links and frames.

8. Whenever other organizations are hired to provide support services, they will be required to adapt to MULTIPLUS’s privacy standards.

9. For administrative purposes, the company may use "cookies" (*), and the users can at any time enable mechanisms in their browser to disable them.

10. Further information on terms and condition to use this website is available in Terms & Conditions.

(*) Cookie: small file placed in your computer to trace visits on websites.